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How to buy?

Choose products

Using the left side menu, browse through the product categories or the producers` list. Once you`ve found a product to suit your desires, click the button to add it to the shopping cart.

Shopping cart

You will be directed to the shopping cart page, where you can review the products list, update the quantity of products that you wish to buy or cancel one or all of the selected products.

Personal information

Fill in your personal information in the form on the page. Don`t forget to provide a phone number also. To confirm the purchase, one of our sales representatives will contact you by phone. If you want to buy under a company`s name, you must fill in the form "Add company".

Shipping details

Select from the list of available addresses the address you want your order to be delivered to. If you want it to be delivered to a different address fill the form "Add another address".

Payment information

On this page you can choose a delivery and payment method. You can choose between cash and payment order.


The last step for completing the order is to enter the ID information, to ease the invoicing, the hour when you want your products to be delivered and other remarks you might have.

Finishing Order

To order the selected products click the button